Super Concentrated Defoamer

ARREST helps preserve original factory performance of carpet extractors, wet vacs and floor
scrubbers. This product is up to three times as concentrated as competitive products,
No matter how expensive the vacuum equipment, uncontrolled foam results in the following issues:
• Workers empty the tank frequently.
• The tank holds only half of its capacity.
• Dense foam stubbornly refuses to flow out.
• Over time fan blades coated with overflow foam lose efficiency permanently.
• Every jobs takes longer as suction drops.
• Carpets take too long to dry and are at risk to sour.

Use 1 ounce (30 mL) for each 10 gal capacity of waste collection tank.
Example: 20 gal waste tank uses 2 (60 mL) ounces.

No formaldehyde. No APE emulsifiers (environmental concern).
Note: silicone antifoam is designed for use in waste tanks only, not clean “solution” tanks.
Do not pre-mix defoamer with cleaners. If polished floors become contaminated by silicone
residues they may be difficult to recoat without surface imperfections.

Clean up any spilled waste treated with the antifoam to avoid tracking on soles of footwear.
NOTE: Antifoam may be unnecessary with foam-free carpet cleaners such as
MASTERWORKS or foam-free floor wax strippers such as EXCESSIVE FORCE,


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