Carpet Extraction Detergent Concentrate
Rinse-detergent for carpet extraction. Emulsifiers replace air in synthetic
carpets and allow lifting of particulates, grease and oil. Pleasant fragrance.
No solvents or VOCs. Will not attack rubber or metal parts in hot- or coldwater
extractors or truck mounts. Complex additives prevent hardness
minerals from depositing as residues. No cationic surfactants. Mild pH.
Not for use on carpets which may be damaged by water or have dyes which
are prone to “bleed”.

Heavy duty concentrate. Do not use straight.
For portable extractors: use one ounce per of gallon of water
RTU solution may be presprayed on soiled areas and agitated, or added to
solution tank of a portable hot water extractor. Rinse and pickup with
extraction machine.
For truck mounts: premix 16 ounces per gallon, inject through proportioner at
2 to 3 gallons per hour.

Contains no known carcinogens.
No NTA, EDTA, APEO or phosphates.
No solvents, VOCs, bioaccumulatives or fluoro-repellents.
No cationic surfactants or optical brighteners.


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