Soap Scum Remover

Fast and effective user-friendly.

Leaves porcelain, fiberglass, chrome fixtures looking like new, free of dull soap scum and other mineral scale.

Perfect for wet areas, showers, tubs, ceramic tile surrounds.
Pleasant citrus odor.
Requires rinsing. Use only on surfaces not damaged by water.

Made from biodegradable or eco-inert ingredients.
Contains no NTA, EDTA, acids, bleach, VOCs or phosphates.
Contains no known carcinogens, environmental hormones or bioaccumulatives.


For heavy soap scum: use straight.
Apply with trigger sprayer rag or soft brush. Agitate. Rinse with water of any temperature.

For light soap scum Dilute
1 part product with 3 parts water. Apply, agitate, rinse with water.


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