EXCESSIVE FORCE 2019 w Product Data

EXCESSIVE FORCE sets a new standard for floor wax strippers. It is three or four times more
concentrated than conventional products. Strips any brand of metal crosslinked acrylic
copolymeric floor polish or sealer. It works with any temperature water, has comparatively
moderate odor and creates virtually no foam. It spreads without alligatoring or
“retracting”. Keeps the floor wet uniformly without respreading. One of the most
powerful and efficient floor wax strippers on the market today.

For regular stripping use 1 part product to 30 parts water (4 oz. per gallon)
2-1/2 cups (4 oz. per gallon) makes 7-1/2 gallons of ready-to-use solution .

For heavy duty stripping use 1 part product to 20 parts water (6 oz. per gallon)
1 quart product makes 5 gallons of ready-to-use solution .

Never use stronger than 1 part product to 12 parts water (10 oz. per gallon).
Mixing too strong may be hazardous to personnel and property.

Apply the diluted solution generously so that the floor remains wet during the entire
stripping process. The old finish begins to emulsify quickly. Allow 10 minutes for
penetration, then scrub with black strip pad or grit stripping brush. Prevent re-drying
until the waste can be reclaimed with an automatic scrubber or wet-vac. Rinse with
clean water to ensure even results. Each application removes 5 average coats.

Health and environment:
No NTA or EDTA, APE or phosphorus. No known carcinogens, fluorosurfactants or
bioaccumulatives. Complies with the CARB 2010 standard. Qualifies for LEED credits.


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