Unique Low Odor Floor Coating
Normally used in low maintenance situations at schools.
Useful for hallways, entrances, lobbies. Super black heel
mark resistant. Resists powdering, yellowing, “clear”
scuffing. May be high-speed burnished weekly. No swirling,
even with aggressive polishing pads. User friendly, low
odor, easy to spread, easy to strip, long service life.
20% non volatile (solids)
Dries thicker than an 18% solids finish. Five coats at 2000
sq.ft./gallon per coat (50 sq.m/Liter), will be 1/1000 of an
inch thick (= 25 microns), the threshold of durability.
Directions for Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)
No sealer needed when applied directly to VCT. Note:
always remove the original “factory” coating from new VCT
before applying this product. Periodic use of mop-down
restorer or liquid spray buff will increase gloss and prolong
interval between recoats.
Scrub and Recoat of Existing Finish
Since old finish acts as sealer, no new sealer is required.
Our coatings normally display high gloss when applied
over top of any well-cured finish, regardless of brand,
subject to the following guidelines:
The old finish should be thoroughly wet-scoured using
deep-scrub solutions using a red, blue, or green scrubbing
pad, depending upon soiling. Remove all dust and oil to
promote proper leveling.
Do not burnish after deep-scrubbing and do not burnish
between re-coats.
Health and Environment
Contains no APEOs which may become environmental
hormones. Contains no PFOS based fluorosurfactant and
less than 10 grams of reportable VOC per Liter.


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