Ultra Bright Floor Polish

Excellent film clarity. Superior burnish response.
Resists black heel marks, scuffing, powdering and
discoloration. Easy to strip. Scrub and-recoat as needed
(see below). Low odor formulation used in hospitals,
nursing homes, schools, offices and retail environments.
This product dries 38% thicker than an 18% solids finish.
Four coats applied at 2000 sq.ft./gallon per coat (50
sq.m/Liter), will be 1/1000 of an inch thick = 25 microns
thick, the minimum film thickness for good durability.

Apply directly to VCT. For NEW VCT, remove the factory
coating using a stripper according to direction with blue or
green pads. Apply two coats of removable INTERSEALER
over bare terrazzo, concrete, or linoleum floors. Do NOT
apply this product directly to bare terrazzo or concrete.
USFT polishes are compatible with many existing floor

Testing is advised for application over other brands of finish, but
normally this displays superior gloss when applied over top
of any other well-cured finish, regardless of brand, subject
to the following guidelines:
1. The old finish should be thoroughly wet-scoured with
using a blue, or green scrub pad.
2. To improve adhesion and prevent dust, do not burnish
after scrubbing
3. To avoid hazing and stickiness, do not apply more than
2 recoats over existing finish in 24 hrs.
Health and Environment
Contains no formaldehyde, no phthalates or biopersistant
toxins. It qualifies for LEED credits, containing less than 10
grams per liter of VOC as specified by the CARB standard
for 2010.


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