This new product is a removable floor sealer that has a glossy appearance, great slip resistance and a non yellowing performance. It fills pores in concrete, terrazzo, VCT and stone surfaces with great results.



Removable Floor Sealer

Designed as an undercoating for durable floor finishes.
Seals, protects, restores faded colors. Bonds to tricky
substrates such as pure vinyl, terrazzo, linoleum.
Dries crystal clear with low odor. Prevents “dead” spots
in final appearance after deep-scour with orbital buffer.
Nice boost to gloss and durability of topcoats. Strips with
regular stripper.
18% (n.v.) solids version is also available in a special
high solids (30% n.v.) version.
DIRECTIONS (after stripping)
One or two coats of this product (applied at the rate of
2000 sq/ft per gallon or 50 sq.meters/Ltr.), are typically
over-coated with three to five layers of quality floor
polish at the same rate. Before applying to NEW VCT,
remove the factory-coating using a light stripper solution
using blue or green pads.
This product is regarded to have a low order of toxicity
similar to latex paint. It is not expected to produce
adverse health effects when used according to
directions. This product does not contain known
carcinogens, bioaccumulatives, formaldehyde,
phthalates, or APEO surfactants (which could possibly
degrade into environmental hormones). Complies with
CARB 2010 and all U.S.EPA VOC standards (less than
10 grams of VOC / Liter). Qualities for LEED credits.


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