High Gloss Floor Coating
This general purpose floor coating delivers strength,
service life, gloss and burnish response at moderate cost.
It applies directly over resilient flooring, VCT (vinyl
composite tile), asphalt tile, asbestos tile. Test before
application to cement and stone blends such as terrazzo.
Alternatively, first apply a foundation of one or two coats of
removable INTERSEALER to promote adhesion. Then
apply three to five coats of this product.
After stripping: a total accumulation of one thousandth of
an inch (25 microns) is the threshold of durability.
5 coats at the rate of 1800 sq.ft /gal will accomplish this.
Average dry time in medium humidity: 30 min /coat. Always
use fan(s) to move stagnant air and ensure uniform drying
in high humidity. Do not burnish between coats.
After deep scrub of existing coatings. Prepare floor using a
deep-scrub cleaner such as HYDROFORCE according to
directions, apply two fresh coats. Never burnish before
Regarding newly installed tiles, allow adhesives to dry for
several days before coating, then remove any factory
coatings using HYDROFORCE according to directions.
This product is regarded to have a low order of toxicity
similar to latex paint. It is not expected to produce adverse
health effects when used according to directions.
Contains no known carcinogens, bioaccumulatives,
formaldehyde, phthalates, or APEO surfactants (which may
degrade into environmental hormones). Complies with
CARB 2010 and all U.S.EPA VOC standards (less than 10
grams of VOC / Liter). Qualities for LEED credits.


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