Cleans and restores in one step, while improving original gloss. Extends stripping cycle and slows finish buildup. Will not powder or trap dirt. For use with high speed burnishers.



Gloss Restorer Concentrate

Cleans and restores floor polishes in one step.
Polish with a burnisher using a floor pad
recommended for the coating, or a 175 to 300 rpm
swing machine.
It is compatible with other brands of floor finish.
It does not trap dirt and will not powder.
Users may expect the following additional benefits:
Reduces pad “swirling”
Reduces black heel marks, scratches
Improves upon original shine
Extends stripping cycle
Slows finish buildup

For mop down: dilute with 10 parts water, mop down,
let dry, then burnish
For autoscrubber: dilute with 20 parts water in solution
tank, scrub and pickup, reclaim, burnish
For spray buff: dilute with 3 parts water, mist, burnish
while wet
Alternative: apply a small amount directly to floor
undiluted, spread with window squeegee, burnish.
Health / Environment
Waterbased formula.
Made from biodegradable or ecologically inert
ingredients. No APEO or heavy metals.
No known carcinogens or bioaccumulatives.
DOT class: Non-regulated


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