Concentrated Acidic Rinse / Neutralizer

This concentrated food acid removes stripper residues and “ice melt” deposits on floors.
Erodes away mineral scale buildup around bathroom fixtures and swimming pools.
Helps keep building entrances clean, safe and slip resistant.
Dilute this acidic liquid to neutralize alkaline residues on floors, carpets and upholstery.
Eliminates slippery floor stripper residues in preparation for applying floor coatings.
Use at 1/2 oz/ gal of water ( = 1 to 256 or 4 ml /L). After stripping, some professionals mop
FIX-IT! solutions along baseboards to help locate build-ups which remain to be stripped.
since leftover polish turns noticeably white and is easier to scrape off.
Dissolves ice melt salt deposits at 1 oz/ gallon ( = 1 to 128 or 8 ml /L).

Prevents browning when presprayed before carpet extraction: 2 oz/ gal ( = 1 to 64 or 15 ml /L).
Re-attaches loose dyes to dye sites on fibers so they do not rinse away. Good for natural fibers.
Pretreat cola, tea, coffee, light rust stains at 1 part product with 10 parts water.
Let stand a few minutes. Agitate, flush with water and extract. For toilet bowls: dilute 1 part
product to 4 parts water (= 6 oz/ quart or 200 ml /L) and spray into emptied toilet bowl.

For mineral scale on fixtures on bathroom fixtures, pools and other wet areas: use straight.

Apply with a mop, trigger sprayer or pump-up sprayer with all-plastic or stainless fittings. Avoid
using this product with brass or galvanized fittings. Product may leach a blue-green color from
brass fittings, spray tips or valves on dispensing equipment.
Low toxicity, readily biodegradable food type acids. It is safer than hydrochloric acid (hydrogen
chloride): it does not fume, and does not damage chrome and is milder.


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