Biological Cleaner
This pro-biotic solution consumes organic sources of malodors. Disintegrates urine, vomit,
blood, feces, sodas, coffee, milk, wine, vegetable oils and animal fats deep inside porous hard
surfaces such as grout and cement, as well as soft porous surfaces such as carpeting.
Employs the same powerful enzymatic action used in sewerage treatment plants.
It continues working for days if conditions are right. Helps maintain floor drains and air-conditioner
condensate pads. Use straight on heavy soil. Alternatively product may be “pre-activated” by
dilution with warm water and letting stand for 20 minutes before use. Use all of the diluted
product in the same day. Flush day-old solutions.
• Shake before use to integrate active sediment on bottom of container.
• May be diluted with warm (not hot) water.

Floors: use 2 oz per gal for streakless tile floors. Thoroughly wet any grout for maximum effect.
Restrooms: swab urinals, toilet bowls and tile-surrounds to suppress odors.
Carpets: saturate surface. Let stand for 5 minutes. Blot with clean paper towels, or extract.
Re-apply and repeat or, if traffic permits, place a warm, damp towel over the spot with wet floor
sign. Keep the area warm and wet for a few hours to prolong digestive activity.

Sink and Drain Maintenance: mix 3 ounces concentrate to a quart of warm (not hot) water.
Pour into drain at end of day or when drain flow is lowest and let stand.
Grease Traps: pour 3-6 ounces daily into medium sized traps and 8-10 ounces daily into larger
traps at night or when water flow is lowest.

Apply to the farthest sink or floor from the trap.
After adding product, pour 1/2 gallon of warm water in drain to activate.
Spray and wipe: use straight

Plant-based and readily biodegradable. No APE detergents or VOC solvents.
NOT for use on surfaces damaged by water.


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